Christian Stewardship is the practice of systematic and proportionate given of time, abilities, material possessions and all God‘s gift to us based on the conviction that they are a trust from God to be used in his service, for the benefit of all mankind in grateful acknowledgement of Christ’s redeeming love.



1: The Help Ministry shall sorely be responsible for the Physical/ material needs of the Church members basically.

2: The ministry shall work in consultation with the Church Council in the disbursement of monies and items to the needy members, from the total income received for the department monthly or as the need rises.

3: The approval of monies to be disbursed to any individual member(s) of the Church or Organization should be based on a majority vote of 70% of the total Help Ministry members.

4: The Help Ministry shall propose the amount to be donated to any individual member during their child naming / Wedding / blessing ceremonies in the Church, to the Pastor and Church Council for consideration and approval.

5: The help Ministry shall organize fundraising, where necessary, to boast the financial base of the Committee to meet the ever increasing demand.

6: The Ministry shall co-operate with the men‘s and women‘s and all other ministries in  the Church to draw up assistance package for needy member(s).