We have a mandate from the Lord as a Church to winning SOULS and discipling them into becoming great AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST. Yes we believe that Miracles still happen today and we have testimonies of the goodness of the Lord and of His mercy, compassion and readiness to heal His people. We believe that God can change your messed up life into a victories life.
Our Church is Multicultural, which started like a small mustard seed that the Holy Spirit planted and is now growing into the largest where all members can become.

In the book of 2 Cor. 5: 17-21, we have our Vision, Mission and Message. We appeal with you to be reconciled to God if you have not done that till now. Call home your father God is waiting for your call.
We will be glad to welcome you in, therefore call or get in touch for helps and prayer requests.
The Church is located at
Neue strasse 44, 21073 Hamburg Harburg Germany
Miracle Services with live Gospel music: Sundays 12 am - 15 pm
Tel. 0049-4021902981